People worldwide have been renewed and invigorated by the Living the Questions curriculum and are looking to give back. The LtQ Foundation aims to build on that awareness and mobilize Progressive Christians to transform the world.

What we do – why we're here now:


We must challenge injustice.

We work to provide an effective, progressive rationale for those working for social change in the face of the economic, political and social injustices we face now more than ever.


We create safe environments.

The Living the Questions Foundation will seek to create safe environments where people have permission to ask questions and challenge the status quo without fear.


We support progressive Christianity financially.

The Living the Questions Foundation will underwrite the expense of people seeking to access curriculum, media sources and technology in the spread of Christian principles.


Intellectual and academic integrity required.

The Living the Questions Foundation is a catalyst for connecting those who long for academic and intellectual integrity in churches and other organizations.